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 Lasso Error Codes

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FileMaker Error Codes

Lasso Error Codes

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About this database
This is a free public resource. It is unmoderated and operates on the "public virtue" system. I hope you find it useful!

404The file was not found
0No error
-609The specified database was not found
-800Value missing for required field
-801Repeating related fields are not supported
-802Action not supported
-1728No records found
-2000The module was not found
-3000A data source error has occurred
-9941Illegal attempt to modify a frozen value or type
-9942Criteria not met
-9943Postcondition failed
-9944Precondition failed
-9945Execution failed.
-9946Execution was aborted.
-9947Variable not found
-9948Tag not found
-9949Illegal instruction
-9950Divide by zero
-9951Bad syntax used in a format file; parsing of the file was aborted
-9952A looping tag was aborted
-9953Unknown error
-9954A pointer was nil when it should not have been
-9955Overflow: some memory passed to a function was too small to hold the results
-9956An invalid parameter was passed to a tag
-9957Delete error
-9958Update error
-9959Add error
-9960Field restriction
-9961No permission
-9962Invalid database
-9963Invalid password
-9964Invalid user name
-9965Network error
-9966Resource error
-9967Resource not found
-9968Could not read from file
-9969Could not write to file
-9970End of file reached
-9971Beginning of file reached
-9972File is closed
-9973File is already open with write permission
-9974File unlocked
-9975File locked
-9976Invalid filename
-9977Invalid pathname
-9978I/O error
-9979Directory full
-9980Disk full
-9981Volume does not exist
-9982The file is corrupt
-9983File already exists
-9984File not found
-9985Could not delete file
-9986Could not close file
-9987Could not create or open file
-9988Invalid access mode
-9989The file object is invalid
-9990File error
-9991Could not dispose memory
-9992Could not unlock memory
-9993Could not lock memory
-9994Out of stack space
-9995Out of memory
-9996Invalid memory object
-9997Memory error
-9998Error writing to stream
-9999Error reading from stream
-10000Internal program assertion

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