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 Reference: Lasso Error -609

Lasso Error -609 : The specified database was not found

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User Contributed Notes

2004-11-17 14:39:10
Shawn DeArmond
UC Davis - School of Education

This error often shows up when you are performing an action on a FileMaker Layout that includes related fields. If those related fields are not contained within a portal on that layout, it can give you the error "Error while performing FileMaker database -search action". Put the related fields in a portal and it will work.

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2004-11-17 20:08:43
Mark Suppes

I have noticed that you can get a 609 error when the FM Database has no password specified for the account Lasso uses to connect to FileMaker. FileMaker 7.2, Lasso 7.1.2

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2005-11-16 15:45:22
Brian Dunning

I have also gotten this error in another weird case: I had database_name set up in Lasso Admin on one server where the database was not available, and I also had the same database_name set up on another server and Lasso Admin had appended an asterisk to its name. Any search would return a 609.

I deleted the databases from the host where they were not available, and renamed them on the host where they actually were by removing the asterisk. Suddenly everything worked fine.

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