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 Reference: Lasso Error -9995

Lasso Error -9995 : Out of memory

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User Contributed Notes

2006-08-28 01:15:35

I have encounterd this error trying to work through 65000+ records. It can not be Server Memory as I have 4 GIG ram memory in th machine. The records are stored in a MySQL DB.

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2009-05-11 12:49:02

I just threw this error when a user tried to upload a 2GB as part of an array of files in file_uploads.

I first read the file out of /var/tmp:
var: 'file_content' = (file_read: ($file->get: loopcount)->find: 'path');

Then I use the variable $file_content to write to the permanent location:
File_Write: $expt_upload_dir+$expt+'/'+$file_dbname, $file_content, -FileOverwrite;

Looks like I'll be doing some optimization to get around this.

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