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 Reference: Lasso Error -9959

Lasso Error -9959 : Add error

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User Contributed Notes

2004-10-18 10:32:54
Brian Dunning

Usually when I've had this problem, it's turned out to be a field name spelled wrong (I once had a client who accidentally added spaces to the ends of about half his field names) or a field not on the layout.

I've also had this problem when trying to write to a calculation field or when there is a related field present on the layout. Even though I wasn't writing to that related field it still caused a problem, for some reason, so I solved it by making a new layout just for adding records.

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2004-10-25 07:11:29
Brian Blood

I also had this error when I was doing a simple text search. I had a db and wanted to have visitors search all the fields in the database with one entry field. I created a "SearchAll" calc field that concatenated all the textual fields with return chars. I kept getting the -9959 error. The problem turned out to be that I had left the calc result type of the field as numeric. Fixing the result type (to Text) fixed the error.

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