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 Reference: Lasso Error -9941

Lasso Error -9941 : Illegal attempt to modify a frozen value or type

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User Contributed Notes

2004-12-13 15:54:15
Brian Dunning

I have received this error when intending to reference a Pair and happened to put parentheses around it:

('name' = 'value')

Lasso's parser sees this as an attempt to set the literal value 'name' with the value 'pair,' which can't work. Instead, to reference a Pair, lose the parens:


Fletcher Sandbeck pointed this subtlety out to me. Thanks Fletcher.

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2005-03-17 09:07:35
Digital Ink (Solutions) Ltd

Also if you are occasionally blind and stupid, like I was you will get this error if you use a semi colon after an entry inside an inline instead of a comma!

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