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CDML Master Class
by Brian Dunning

All you need to know about FileMaker Pro's built in web publishing capabilities. Get the full courseware of the original Master Class for FileMaker and for a lot less than it costs to take the class! Download Now.
"I have been creating Web applications using your CDML Master Class. It's great...paid for itself in the first 10 minutes!" - Doug Tigani


Lasso Master Class
by Brian Dunning

The Lasso Master Class (with companion CD) takes you from the basics of using Lasso Studio all the way to hand coding an advanced solution including using sessions, arrays, security, and modern Corral-style architecture. With this resources in this course, there's hardly any project you can't conquer. Check it out.
"The course is great, very easy to follow and a good value." - Finbar O'Hanlon

Still using an old version of Lasso? The older edition of the Lasso Master Class for Lasso 3.6 is also available.


Special Edition: Using Adobe GoLive 6
by Brian Dunning, Allyson Knox, Lori Becker
Learn all about using this category killing new tool for web design and application development. Includes a chapter on Lasso Studio for GoLive.

Order your copy now from Amazon.


Short Stories
by Brian Dunning
Some of my original short stories and other selections are available here. Enjoy!


Strapping Young Lads
by Brian Dunning
What do you get when you mix a couple of New England prep-school dorks with the Old West, a sexy blond commando, Polynesia, high-seas piracy, a Viking stronghold, the center of existence, and the Apocalypse?
"Have to read this book. Not only is it funny but it keeps you interested!" - Clifford Bramble, Jr
"One of my all time favorite books." - Andrew Davis


An Adventure in Tibet
by Brian Dunning

Brian's first book, hand printed by the Cherryburn Press in Chicago with original linoleum cut artwork, is found in the R. Hunter Middleton wing of the Smithsonian archives in Washington DC. Not sure if the eBook edition is likely to be coming soon... :-)