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Short Stories by Brian Dunning

Please enjoy these stories free of charge. Please note they are copyrighted and all rights are reserved (blah blah blah, yeah I wish someone wanted to steal them). Contact the author for more information.

Firetrap (1989)
On a planet where the very air you breathe is explosive, an outcast miner is faced with a violent death from the most unlikely of sources. PDF
Snapshots at a Requiem (1993)
An American hero in every sense of the word, and now just a photograph on a wall - and a voice from beyond. PDF
The Legend of Inwick (1989)
She was a lovely one, the flaxen haired beauty on her jet black steed - but was she alive? PDF
The Voyage of the Turtle (1994)
The sea cuts a fine line between life and death, madness and sanity, healing and barbarism. PDF
The Cincinnati Express (1986)
An 1850 Kentucky doctor finds the dark side of the slave undergrounds - and the most surprising truth of all. PDF
Tracks (1990)
A Canadian Mountie finds more than he bargained for when he tries to escape his past at the Northwest Territories' most remote posting. PDF