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"My bucks were well spent on your Master Class...I found just the kind of information I was looking for." - Thomas Schwager

"The course is great, very easy to follow and a good value." - Finbar O'Hanlon

"The Master Class is an excellent resource. I have learned a vast amount in just a few days." - Jason Hoblin

Now you can own the courseware from the popular Master Class for FileMaker class series. These books were previously available only through the hands-on classes in major cities across the US. Now you can get them direct.

These books were also used in Bob Harrington's ENTERPRISE Web Developer if you've taken Bob's classes, you've already got Brian's books.

CDML Master Class (CDML 4)
for FileMaker

6th Edition

For:  FileMaker Pro 4/5/6
  CDML 4
  Claris Home Page 3.0

The book that started it all. In a series of fun illustrated lessons, you'll learn how to effectively deploy FileMaker's Web Companion to create robust, powerful web sites. And you can do it all yourself, in a surprisingly short time.

Special bonus - Includes the most comprehensive guide to CDML 4.0 available anywhere.

$39 - Download the CDML Master Class now.


  1. Introduction
  2. Web Applications
  3. Hardware and Software
  4. Network Configuration
  5. What Computers Go Where?
  6. Preparing Your Database
  7. Instant Web Publishing
  8. Customizing Instant Web Publishing
  9. Protecting Fields
  10. Adding Security
  11. Custom Web Publishing
  12. FileMaker Connection Assistant
  13. Understanding CDML
  14. CDML Reference Guide
  15. Building CDML Pages
  16. Using the FileMaker Form Library
  17. Where to Go from Here

Lasso Master Class (Lasso 3.6)
for FileMaker

6th Edition

For:  FileMaker Pro 4/5/6
  Lasso 3.6
  Lasso Studio 1.x

(Click here for the Lasso Master Class for Lasso 8)

When you're ready to take your web site to the next level, use Lasso and its graphical development environment, Lasso Studio. Learn how to deploy the same tips that the professionals use to create secure commerce sites in a matter of hours.

Special bonus - Takes you step-by step through building a shopping cart site in just a few hours.

$39 - Download the Lasso 3.6 Master Class now.

Although some of the screen shots in the book are from Lasso Studio for Dreamweaver, Lasso Studio is the same whether it's launched from within Dreamweaver or GoLive. Users of Adobe GoLive should have no trouble.


  1. Introduction
  2. Who Needs to Web Enable their Data?
  3. Why Lasso Instead of CDML?
  4. Overview of Lasso
  5. Hardware & Software
  6. Installation & Configuration
  7. Preparing Your FileMaker Database
  8. Designing Your Site
  9. Lasso Studio for Dreamweaver
  10. Adding Records
  11. Building a Guest Book
  12. Using Includes
  13. Searching and Editing
  14. Conditionals
  15. Variables, Tokens, Cookies, and Lists
  16. Inlines
  17. Building the eCommerce Site
  18. Build the Databases
  19. Design the Product Search
  20. Build the Search Format Files
  21. Viewing the Shopping Cart
  22. Checking Out
  23. Where to Go from Here