About the crowdfunding:
As an ultra-low budget Indie documentary, The UFO Movie They Don't Want You to See has a total budget of $70,000. The trailer is here. The crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo (which you can still see here) made it as far as $42,843.

That's still enough to make a good film, by cutting things like some of the best locations, an original score, color grading, and additional crew. But we all want this to be as good as it can be. So the following perks are still available:

1.   $25   A link to watch for free when it's done
2.   $50   A download link for the finished film
3.   $200   4-pack movie downloads (includes this film, Science Friction (2022), Principles of Curiosity (2017), and Here Be Dragons (2008))
4.   $1,000   Downloads + Special Thanks in the credits
5.   $2,500   Downloads + Associate Producer credit (onscreen and on IMDb)
6.   $5,000
and up
  Downloads + Executive Producer credit (onscreen and on IMDb)

As always, all donors get their names in the credits. (You can edit how this appears, and you can choose to remain anonymous.)

To contribute:
The links above take you straight to a PayPal checkout (no PayPal account is needed). Contact me at brian@briandunning.com to arrange a contribution via some other method. Most forms of payment are accepted.

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