About the crowdfunding:
As an ultra-low budget Indie documentary, The UFO Movie They Don't Want You to See has a total budget of $70,000. Most of that was raised, and the movie is now finished! and in post production, which has all been paid for.

Consequently, additions to the credits are no longer possible. Any additional donations will definitely be put to good use, but your name can no longer be added to the credits.

It's the marketing that's not paid for. This is going to come out of my personal pocket, but that's not going to go very far. Donations are still very welcome to assist with the marketing. Or, wait for it to come out, watch it then, and decide if it has earned your support to spread it even further. I'm happy to let it speak for itself.

So the following perks are still available:

1.   $25   A link to watch for free when it's done
2.   $50   A download link for the finished film
3.   $200   4-pack movie downloads (includes this film, Science Friction (2022), Principles of Curiosity (2017), and Here Be Dragons (2008))
4.   $1,000   All the above, plus my gratitude! (Credits are now closed)
5.   $2,500   All the above + Associate Producer credit (on IMDb, but not in the onscreen credits)
6.   $5,000
and up
  All the above + Executive Producer credit (on IMDb, but not in the onscreen credits)

Donors who donated March 10, 2023 or earlier will get their names in the credits. Donations AFTER March 10, unfortunately will not, because that part of the film is signed & sealed.

To contribute:
The links above take you straight to a PayPal checkout (no PayPal account is needed). Contact me at brian@briandunning.com to arrange a contribution via some other method. Most forms of payment are accepted.

Thank you! —and sign up for updates below!

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