Who are THEY?

THEY are those who profit from the lack of public science literacy: the TV shows selling you more of the same old storytelling, the UFO personalities in the press, even some in Congress who seem determined to "get to the bottom of this".

The better you understand the real sciences involved, the less susceptible you are to the firestorm of popular misinformation.

Why aren't interviews with my favorite UFO personalities included?

This movie teaches astronomy to build a better picture of how we might meet another civilization one day. False stories claiming past alien visitations play no role in that. For a more detailed explanation, see this article.

Where and when can I see it?

It's on many major streaming services. Links to the most popular are on the home page.

Can I get my own copy?

Sure. The movie is included on the Skeptoid USB drive (along with all our other films) which you can purchase here.

Will it be on DVD or Blu-ray?

Yes! DVDs (sorry no Blu-ray) will be available for order online from Amazon or Walmart sometime in Q2 2024.

What's with the goofy title?

Ha ha! Yes, agreed. Early in the process a whole bunch of us workshopped a lot of titles. When someone added this one to the mix as a joke, it suddenly shot to the top of the polling and stayed there. Yes, it's silly. Yes, it provokes suspicion about the movie's content. But people talk about it, and they remember it — (you even read this FAQ about it!) — and those are benefits money can't buy in a movie title.