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FileMaker is a registered trademark of FileMaker, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.


Barcode Basics
Bar code software for FileMaker Pro
The BoardRoom 7
Instant Messaging for your FileMaker network
Calendar Snap
Pop-up calendar snap-in for FileMaker solutions
ChartMaker Pro 7
Charts in FileMaker without plug-ins
Progress Bars
Progress Bar for your FileMaker solution
Easy Encryption
Encrypt your important FileMaker data
ZipCodes FM
Find the closest location by zip code using FileMaker

 Free Stuff

Function Junction: plot mathematical functions in FileMaker Pro!
Mac | Windows
Calendar Snap: free snap-in lets you grab dates from a pop-up calendar. Super easy, super fast, and free!
FileMaker 5/6/7: Mac | Windows
Sample Data Free Sample Data: Free data files to help you test your software applications. Download
DopeWars, the Palm favorite, now for FileMaker Pro!
"DopeWars kicks ass!"
- som1 (VersionTracker 5 stars)

Download from the Hall of Fame
Simon, the original party game from the 1970's!
Mac | Windows

Credit Card Validator: verifies card numbers with a calculation.
"Thanks, Brian! I've been wanting the number validation in FMP for some time, and haven't been able to implement it myself. Now you're my hero for the day!"
- Derrick Fogle

v3.5 Mac | Windows (FileMaker 5/6/7.0v2 or later - does not work in 7.0v1)

Want to try these out, but don't have FileMaker Pro yet?
Get a trial version here.

"ChartMaker Pro is absolutely brilliant."
- John Murphy

"I have been creating Web applications using your CDML Master Class. It's great...paid for itself in the first 10 minutes!"
- Doug Tigani

"I have had great success with Weblet Shopping. It was exactly the solution I needed."
- Peter van Herk

"Calendar Snap is great, even I was able to apply it to a template in a few seconds and I've always had trouble with add-on calendars."
- Marc Dubresson

"We are extremely pleased with Weblet ZipCodes. So much so, that we have another application for it on a second server. It's really been a pleasure working with you."
- Eric Rohloff

"I am totally blown away by Calendar Snap. Damn you are good! I can't imagine how you figured it all out."
- Greg Kuhn

"I am totally impressed with ZipCodes FM. All of my staff are thrilled with the distances I am able to provide in each client record. A definite hit in our office, and it took almost no time to integrate it into our existing solution. Everybody keeps asking me how I did it, and I just say, 'too complicated to explain.' Meanwhile, the whole thing was done in a fraction of the time it takes me to put together far more rudimentary features. This is the most bang for the buck that I have gotten from a FileMaker Pro product."
- Scott Wright

"I am very thankful that I purchased your excellent product ChartMaker Pro. Working with your program is just what I have been looking for... Needless to say, the money spent on your program has been the best spent for an application since the purchase of FileMaker Pro."
- Jim Wilkerson

"Thank you so much. I wish everyone who did business on the Internet had your level of integrity and service."
- Brad Anderson

"The Lasso Master Class served as an excellent guide to using Lasso with FileMaker Pro. Brian was very encouraging and helpful throughout our learning process. At least 100 hours of research and study were saved, which in turn amounts to a great deal of money."
- Connie Gallant

"The BoardRoom is a great addition to our Filemaker database."
- Mike Banks, MD

"CDML Master Class has been quite valuable in learning the simple yet powerful CDML syntax. I must say that Brian's language is quite simple and to the point, very important to keep the learner in focus!"
- Savaranan Ponnusamy

"ChartMaker Pro made it very easy to bring an awesome new look to our software. It really makes us look good, too. I've been trying for years to find something like this!"
- Steven Brooks

"ChartMaker Pro has cut my work completely."
- Keith Prior

"There are few tools available for CDML. CDML Master Class' section on tags is particularly helpful for someone like me, who likes to have full control of HTML coding rather than use assistants."
- Ursula Abresch

"Good job with the CDML Master Class material...I'm pretty impressed with what CDML can do. I got my site up and working over the weekend."
- Brad Ashburn

"Thank you for offering this information on your Web site!!! I have been trying desperately to get started with a Web enabled database for my company and the materials are EXACTLY what I am looking for."
- David S., Annapolis MD

"Your Master Class was very valuable and I have managed to create many useful Web sites with it."
- David Blackwell

"The CDML Master Class is an excellent resource. I have learned a vast amount in just a few days."
- Jason Hoblin

"ChartMaker Pro is an excellent product and has saved me a lot of time...I will certainly recommend it to others."
- John Dryer

"Thank you so much for ZipCodes FM. This program is exactly what I have been trying to find for years. It will save us an incredible amount of time."
- Becky Morgan

Thanks for a great, concise code package. After three somewhat frustrating weeks trying to work through building a functional web backend for my Filemaker inventory database with FX.php, I have almost completed my shopper in about two days with Weblet Shopping. Nice job. Just what I needed.
- William Keith