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eParse ( text )

parse an e-mail addres from a string of text

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d.schellenberg   d.schellenberg
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  Sample input:
eParse ( "my email is within this text,, please us it" )
  Sample output:

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This is a simple function to get an e-mail address from a string of text. I have leveraged the MiddleValues functioin to put the address on its own carriage return line.



Marc Wood   Marc Wood, Minneapolis, MN USA
Jan 28, 2009
I used this to parse out a single date (instead of an e-mail) from a string of text. All I had to change was the at sign to a slash in the second position function, and change the test portion of the If function to the following: PatternCount (text ; "/" ) = 2.

Obviously, this only works if only one date is contained in the text and the date is in a certain format, but it worked for me.
Carl Riedel   Carl Riedel, Croydon, UK
Dec 16, 2009
I tested this function and it works great if you have one email address in a text field, but I have a file with about 2000 eamil addresses in it. Any Ideas ?

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