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Free Sample Data for Testing

Sample Data

Always test your software with a "worst-case scenario" amount of sample data, to get an accurate sense of its performance in the real world.

These data files are of super high quality. See the description at the right. Included fields are:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company
  • Address
  • City
  • County (where applicable)
  • State/Province (where applicable)
  • ZIP/Postal Code
  • Phone 1
  • Phone 2
  • Email
  • Web

All files are provided as CSV (comma-delimited).

Names are random, constructed from real first and last names. Company names are real, but are randomized along with street addresses and do not represent actual locations.

City, County, State/Province, and ZIP/Postal are correct for each record.

Phone and fax numbers are random, but the area code and exchange for each are correct for their location.

Email and Web addresses are fake but properly formatted for their country.

Records are in random order and cover the countries with a more or less even distribution.

Import-ready CSV files, no weird characters, escaped characters, or anything else funky to screw things up.

US - 500 Records

Free - Download Now

US - 50,000 Records

$5 - Download Now (3MB)

US - 1 Million Records

$10 - Download Now (70MB)

UK - 500 Records

Free - Download Now

UK - 50,000 Records

$5 - Download Now (4MB)

UK - 1 Million Records

$10 - Download Now (74MB)

Canada - 500 Records

Free - Download Now

Canada - 50,000 Records

$5 - Download Now (4MB)

Canada - 1 Million Records

$10 - Download Now (67MB)

Australia - 500 Records

Free - Download Now

Australia - 50,000 Records

$5 - Download Now (3MB)

Australia - 1 Million Records

$10 - Download Now (68MB)

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