Brian Dunning's FileMaker Custom Functions

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2020-01-16len(value)Rakesh Vadhel, Arham Technosoft Pvt Ltd.
2020-01-15CRURLEncodedJoshua Paul, Neo Code
2020-01-15LevenshteinDistance( string1 ; string2)Carson Lind, Eagle Optimizations, LLC
2020-01-08CheckForInstalledPlugIn(PlugInName)Detlef Beyer
2019-12-31Ngram ( Inputstring; Chuncksize)paul larmuseau, gaverapotheek
2019-12-27JSONListToObject ( objectsList )Stephan Casas
2019-12-24isValid_VIN ( VIN )Omelyan Burtnyk, Go To Logistics
2019-12-20IsEvenKyle Williams, Dreamclinic Massage
2019-12-17Input_VIN_Validation ( VIN )Omelyan Burtnyk, Go To Logistics
2019-12-16GetColumnValue ( fromData ; whereColumnNumber ; equalsThisValue ; returnColumnNumber ; columnSeparator ; rowSeparator )Daniel Smith
2019-12-16RemoveValues ( ValueList ; ValuesToRemove )Nat Robinson, Beezwax
2019-12-04GetRootCopyName ( name )Stephan Casas

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