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2019-04-24cfSubstitudeWildCard ( text ; searchString ; replaceString ; start )Kadir Kaleli, Yordam
2019-04-21ParseName ( name )Richard Dyce, Dyce & Sons LTD.
2019-04-18JSONFromFieldList ( json ; fieldNameList )Jonathan Mickelson
2019-04-11JSONarrayValueListConvert (arrayOrList)Robert Koszegi, The Media Concierge
2019-04-09MyLookup(FullFieldName; MatchValue; ReturnFieldName; MatchValueIsNumber)Philip Wang, 106th Street Wheel and Tire
2019-04-09FieldList4SQL(FieldNameList)Philip Wang, 106th Street Wheel and Tire
2019-03-18isValidVIN ( VIN )Omelyan Burtnyk
2019-03-18TransKeyVIN ( value )Omelyan Burtnyk
2019-03-14RemoveLinesContaining ( Text; RedFlag)Philip Wang, 106th Street Wheel and Tire
2019-03-12fileNameDefault ( theFileName ; fileExt )Josh Ormond, Iozax, LLC
2019-03-12fileNameFormat ( _path ; _fileName ; _date ; _fileExt ; _theDatePosition )Josh Ormond, Iozax, LLC
2019-03-12State-to-Abbrev(State)Chase Holden, Merchant Services Group

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