Brian Dunning's FileMaker Custom Functions

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2018-11-10JSONCombineObjects ( object1 ; object2 )Joshua Willing, Willing Apps
2018-11-07Range ( start ; stop ; increment )Ethan, DB Services
2018-11-06FindNextWeekday ( startDate ; dayofweeknumber )Rob Poelking, Excelisys, Inc.
2018-11-01RangesOverlap ( start1 ; end1; start2 ; end2 )Joshua Willing, Willing Apps
2018-09-28time.GMTOffsetRob Poelking, Excelisys, Inc.
2018-09-24NextBirthday (dateOfBirth)Joe, iSolutions
2018-09-12||( A; B)belg4mit
2018-09-06@GetActiveModifierKeys ( modKeysExpression )Alex Zueiv, Tashkent
2018-08-31UTC2Local ( UTC ; Timezone ; Decimals )Menno van Beek, Van Beek Zakelijke Software
2018-08-23@TrimPunctuation ( text )Alex Zueiv, Tashkent
2018-08-23AddOrRemoveValue( listOfValues ; value )Debi Fuchs, Aptworks Consulting
2018-08-23RemoveValue ( listOfValues ; value)Debi Fuchs, Aptworks Consulting

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