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ChartMaker Pro 7
for FileMaker Pro 5-11*

ChartMaker Pro is a collection of clever techniques using FileMaker's built-in features, not a plug-in. You may reuse these techniques in your own solutions without restriction, and can distribute your files to all other FileMaker users without the need to site license a plug-in.

Download for FileMaker 5-10

Purchase - Licenses starting at $39.95

For web charts, check out Weblet Charts.

* The charting function in FileMaker 11 works only with FileMaker 11 clients. If your system includes users on earlier versions, they will not work. You will need a solution like ChartMaker Pro to support all versions.

"ChartMaker Pro is absolutely brilliant."
- John Murphy

"I found ChartMaker Pro very useful in making charts right in my solution, rather then exporting data out to Excel. Also, it allows for dynamic charts that are always up to date whenever they are viewed."
- Kevin Veik

"ChartMaker Pro was really inspirational. Looking to see how you've done it, allowed me to then build my own systems in a similar way. It was well worth the registration fee."
- Doktor Joy

"I personally found Chartmaker Pro fantastic... My colleagues see me as a Filemaker guru now, thanks to you."
- Gilles Rodon

"I find ChartMaker Pro easy to use, and the graphics are great for my reports. I love to use it because it's user friendly."
- Sandra Pohl

"I am very thankful that I purchased your excellent product ChartMaker Pro. Working with your program is just what I have been looking for... Needless to say, the money spent on your program has been the best spent for an application since the purchase of FileMaker Pro."
- Jim Wilkerson

"ChartMaker Pro made it very easy to bring an awesome new look to our software. It really makes us look good, too. I've been trying for years to find something like this!"
- Steven Brooks

"ChartMaker Pro has cut my work completely."
- Keith Prior

"ChartMaker Pro is an excellent product and has saved me a lot of time...I will certainly recommend it to others."
- John Dryer