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Easy charts in your Lasso or CDML solution
See it now | Download it now

Weblets are petite collections of format files and databases to get you started building your own system.

Weblet Charts provides a database and five chart format files to show you several innovative, easy ways to add charts to your web solutions. It's so simple you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.

No plug-ins, scripts, or trouble ... just easy web charts from your FileMaker data.

See it now.

What's included:

• Databases for FileMaker 4/5/6
• Lasso 3/5/6 and CDML 4/5 format files, fully commented
• Instructions
• Knowledge you can keep

Weblet Charts is only $25.

Download Weblet Charts Now!

Basic knowledge of Lasso or CDML is assumed.
Click here for some excellent learning resources.

For more advanced charts in FileMaker Pro,
check out ChartMaker Pro.