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@CodeList ( text )

An expression for the Data Viewer to return a list of UTF-16 and UTF-32 character codes in Dec and Hex.

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  Sample input:
@CodeList ( "1Aπ€€π€π€π €πŸ˜€" )
  Sample output:
00049 0x0031 "1"
00065 0x0041 "A"
55296 0xD800
56320 0xDC00 "𐀀" U+010000 0065536
55296 0xD800
56321 0xDC01 "𐀁" U+010001 0065537
55297 0xD801
56320 0xDC00 "𐐀" U+010400 0066560
55298 0xD802
56320 0xDC00 "𐠀" U+010800 0067584
55357 0xD83D
56832 0xDE00 "πŸ˜€" U+01F600 0128512

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

The calculation returns a list of UTF-16 codes for the passed characters. Additionally, for the characters above U+FFFF it returns their UTF-32 codes. The UTF-32 characters are returned after their UTF-16 Surrogate Pairs. (or see comments at the end of the function)

BTW, it uses an interesting technique of defining and evaluating sub-functions with parameters via $variables.



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