Weblet Shopping provides a fully-functional shopping cart system, in CDML 4, CDML 5, and Lasso. It comes with FileMaker 4 and 5 databases. You can use the included database, or use your existing product or orders databases instead. Weblet Shopping provides everything you need to use it as it is, but it is designed to be easily adaptable and changeable by you.
Content modules used site-wide make it a snap for you to change the logo, add your own text, or match the look & feel of your existing site, all by making easy HTML changes to module files.
The included product database is simple, with hardly anything to learn. You can add as many fields as you want, or use your existing product database, and easily change the number and types of fields that appear on the web pages.
Prices and calculations are all handled easily and automatically. All cross-platform and CDML version issues pertaining to number formatting, etc. have been taken care of and fully documented in the commented source code.
Weblet Shopping provides you with a database of finished orders - or connect it to your existing orders database - ready to ship and bill according to your normal business practices. Weblet Shopping will adapt to you, not the other way around.