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Progress Bars
for FileMaker Pro

Ever wish you could add a progress bar to that long, long script in FileMaker Pro? Now you can, and you'll be surprised how easy it is to work with. Download it now and check it out.

Progress Bars is all in FileMaker Pro ... requires no plug-ins or licensing fees. Single-pixel resolution, supports any number of in-progress updates for the smoothest possible animation. Includes examples for several different types of implementations.

Requires FileMaker Pro 5 or 6.


Download: Mac | Windows

This version is locked, but it shows you some examples of how this technique works and what you can do with it.

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Get it Unlocked

Progress Bars is also available unlocked for just $15.

You'll receive same archive with everything fully unlocked and accessible. Tear it apart, or incorporate it into your own solutions.

$15 - Download Now


A developer license, allowing unlimited distribution of applications containing any portion of Progress Bars, is just $99, and includes the unlocked files.

$99 - Download Now