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 Lasso Master Class - Classroom


The Lasso Master Class is currently being taught in major cities all across the US. Click here for the calendar and locations.

Lasso Master Class - Self Study


Get the complete courseware from the Lasso Master Class, including the book and the CD (electronic download only - $99).
I strongly recommend that you get both.

Get just the courseware (electronic download only - $59).
Introduction to Lasso • What Can I Do When I Leave Here? • Why the Combination of Lasso and FileMaker? • LDML, Square Brackets, and LassoScript • Inlines • Preparing Your FileMaker Database • Using Lasso Studio • Building a Guest Book • Using Includes • Searching and Editing • Conditionals • Important LDML Components • Variables • Variable Scope • Cookies • Arrays and Maps • Working with Sessions • Custom Tags • Corral Methodology • Development Resources • Securing Your Site • A Practical Login System • Moving Between Secure and Non-Secure Pages • Encryption & Decryption • Building a Shopping Cart • Guarding Against Fraudulent Transactions • Much More

Get just the CD (electronic download only - $49).
Contains all the examples used in the class, in complete LDML code:
A Corral architecture site • A site where you have to log in to view some pages • A site that uses sessions • A site built with Lasso Studio • A site that caches database results from FileMaker so the database need not be accessed more than once • A full-featured online commerce web store that combines everything we've learned