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1.   FindRepetition ( searchString; repeatingField; start; occurrence; end; partialMatch ; matchCase )
    Average rating: 4.2
  Peter Wagemans, Lesterius
  Calculates the repetition number where a search string can be found in a repeating field
2.   KeysDown ( theModifierKeys ; ignoreCapsLock )
    Average rating: 4.1
  Peter Wagemans, Lesterius
  User friendly version of Get ( ActiveModifierKeys )
3.   MergeValues ( listA ; listB )
    Average rating: 4.5
  Peter Wagemans, Lesterius
  merges 2 value lists
4.   OSAScript (script )
    Average rating: 3.9
  Peter Wagemans, Lesterius
  performs an AppleScript from a calculation field
5.   StripEmptyValues ( theList )
    Average rating: 4.6
  Peter Wagemans, Lesterius
  strip empty values from a list
6.   SubstituteCompletely ( text; searchString; replaceString )
    Average rating: 4.4
  Peter Wagemans, Lesterius
  A better Substitute() function

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