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1.   DateAgeDisplay ( aTimeStamp )
    Average rating: 4.6
  Daniel Wood, Digital Fusion Ltd
  Display the age of a timestamp in a facebook-style display in either seconds/minutes/hours/days
2.   DeleteVariableText ( Value ; StringStart ; StringEnd ; Pos ; Start ; End ) )
    Average rating: 4.3
  Daniel Wood, Digital Fusion Ltd
  Substitute out blocks of text, defined by a start/end string of characters - whose inner contents are of variable width
3.   Interactivate ( _container )
    Average rating: 4.8
  Daniel Wood, Digital Fusion Ltd
  Converts the passed container file data into content that can be used with an interactive container (FM13 Only)
4.   ListXor ( ListA ; ListB ; Counter )
    Average rating: 4.4
  Daniel Wood, Digital Fusion Ltd
  Returns everything in one list, but not the other (and vice versa)
5.   RGBtoHex ( R ; G ; B )
    Average rating: 4.2
  Daniel Wood, Digital Fusion Ltd
  Convert R,G,B values into the equivalent Hex value.

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