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1.   BinToFloat32 ( binary )
    Average rating: 4.1
  Jake DeGroot
  Convert a float32 (IEEE-754) formatted binary string to a decimal number.
2.   BinToFracDec ( bin )
    Average rating: 4.3
  Jake DeGroot
  Convert a binary fraction to a fractional decimal.
3.   Float32toBinary ( float )
    Average rating: 4.6
  Jake DeGroot
  Convert a decimal number to float32 (IEEE-754) binary format.
4.   FracDecToBin ( frac )
    Average rating: 4.2
  Jake DeGroot
  Convert a fractional decimal value to a binary fraction.
5.   Hex2Str ( hex )
    Average rating: 4.1
  Jake DeGroot
  Converts a string of hex data into a human-readable text string

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