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1.   csv.getValue (array; rowNum; [colNum]; [delimiter])
    Average rating: 4.2
  Nicolas Bourré
  Returns a specific cell or row in a CSV table
2.   list.intersect (listA; listB)
    Average rating: 3.8
  Nicolas Bourré
  Returns the intersection list from listA and listB
3.   maxLength (lst; maximum)
    Average rating: 4.0
  Nicolas Bourré
  Function that returns the length of the longest value in a list. Useful for conditional formatting
4.   ProgressBar (steps; value)
    Average rating: 4.4
  Nicolas Bourré
  Simulate a simple progress bar using the Repeat function.
5.   stringWithParams (string; paramList)
    Average rating: 4.3
  Nicolas Bourré
  Function that substitute parameters in a string. The parameters are placeholders with a specific format. This function act some sort like the printf function in C.
6.   SuperContainer_noBorder (link)
    Average rating: 4.8
  Nicolas Bourré
  Shows no border in IE when given a SuperContainer link
7.   webviewer_button ( content; textCol; bgCol )
    Average rating: 4.1
  Nicolas Bourré
  This function returns an HTML content formatted for a webviewer.

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