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Calendar Snap 2.0


You know that cool pop-up calendar that FileMaker 8 has? Wouldn't you like to have that in FileMaker 5, 6, or 7? Now you can.

Free FileMaker Pro snap-in lets you grab dates from a nifty pop-up calendar!

Easily fill in any FileMaker date field by clicking it from a fast, easy, pop-up calendar.

Integrates with any FileMaker solution. Even a novice can do it! Only add one short script to your existing file.

Works with US and non-US date formats.

Multi-User so everyone in your office can grab dates at once.

For FileMaker Pro 5, 6 and 7.

Need a version that starts on Monday? Bjorn Sorensen offers these instructions to make the change to your unlocked version of Calendar Snap.

"Thanks a bunch! The boss thinks I'm a hero!"
- Kris Van Riper

"Calendar Snap is great, even I was able to apply it to a template in a few seconds."
- Marc Dubresson

"Nicely done!"
- Michael Grant

"I am totally blown away by your calendar file. Damn you are good! I can't imagine how you figured it all out."
- Greg Kuhn

"Sweet program, integrates very nicely with my database. Worth the 15 dollars."
- Francisco Romero

"I think your small calendar is beautifully done. I couldn't have made it!"
- Bjorn Sorensen

Get it now - it's free!

Download: Mac | Windows

This version is locked, but it works great with any FileMaker solution. It's super easy to integrate with any file: all you need is one script, and it's only four lines long!

More free downloads!

Single User

Calendar Snap is also available unlocked so you can customize it for your own use. Single User license:

$15 - Download Now


Get Calendar Snap unlocked so you can customize it for the use of everyone in your office. Corporate license:

$39 - Download Now


A developer license allows unlimited distribution of applications containing Calendar Snap. Also for consultants using it in client work. Developer license:

$99 - Download Now