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FileMaker Error 102

Field is missing



Mike Beargie   Mike Beargie, MainSpring, Inc.
Feb 5, 2018
I encountered this error again using "Insert File" when the container field was in the area off screen instead of on the layout itself. Moving the field onto the layout and making it 1x1px to hide it resolved the issue. FMS16 environment.
Nick G   Nick G
Dec 9, 2015
If you add an Insert step to a script when a layout with another context is open, the script will throw this error even when running from the correct context/layout. To fix, ensure the correct layout is showing when editing the script.
Mike Beargie   Mike Beargie, MainSpring, Inc.
Oct 16, 2015
This can happen when using an "Insert " script step, like Insert File, and the target container field is not on the layout. Make sure your target field is on the current layout when using the insert step.
Christiaan van Minnen   Christiaan van Minnen
May 15, 2013
This error can also happen when you have (unwisely) named your field in a way Filemaker cannot always understand. We had a field which could be read from a portal but NOT edited, just because someone decided to shorten the field's name and end it with a dot.
Stephen B.   Stephen B.
Feb 23, 2011
I had this same issue with CWP PHP on FileMaker Pro 11. I found out that my issue was that in PHP Site Assistant I had a different layout selected for the edit and confirmation pages. These different pages had different fields present and therefore I believed caused the issue.
E.J. Sexton   E.J. Sexton, TourTech Systems, Inc.
Mar 24, 2010
This occurred for me in CWP when I tried to update a field that was in a portal. As soon as I removed the field from the portal, the issue was fixed.

Also in CWP, trying to edit a related field in a portal will result in this error. However, you can edit a related field as long as it is not in a portal.
Jerry Salem   Jerry Salem
Nov 19, 2007
You will get this error using CWP if you change the name of a field in Filemaker and don't update the xsl

Brian Dunning   Brian Dunning,
Feb 1, 2005
This generally means that you're trying to set or reference a field that has since been deleted. Check your script for <Field Missing>.

You probably shouldn't be getting this in a web app - you'd probably get the application server's error code instead. But it depends on what you're using. Don't use FileMaker scripts in a web app!