Brian Dunning's Error Code Reference

FileMaker Error 101

Record is missing



Orlando Ferraiuolo   Orlando Ferraiuolo
Apr 22, 2017
This happens also when you use Go To Related Record using "match found set" and the FIRST parent record has no related records.
If there are no related records for the whole set, it returns error 401 (No matching records).

So the correct way to test for no related records is:
- GTRR Match current record only: test for error 101
- GTRR Match found set: test for error 401
Brian Crockett   Brian Crockett
Apr 28, 2016
Found a problem the reverse of Aaron Koenes mentioned above.

If you're trying to create a record via a relationship the parent table needs to have at least 1 record even if if that table has only global fields.
Jack James   Jack James, Surreal Road Ltd
May 14, 2014
This will occur on Filemaker Go if you try to access a Global field (e.g. with insert from device) that's not directly linked from the current table occurrence.
Alex Taylor   Alex Taylor
Feb 15, 2012
This error will occur if you are using the Script Step 'Go to Next Record,' and you are already on the last record of the found set.

If you have not specified 'Exit after last' in this script step, error 101 will be thrown when you attempt to use this step while on the last record of a found set.
Aaron Koenes   Aaron Koenes
Apr 1, 2011
This can also occur when trying to delete a related record through in incomplete relationship. This is often encountered when a relationship is based solely on global fields.

For example, if you have a relationship that uses global fields and no records in the parent table, then having a value in the global fields will complete the relationship and retrieve related records to display in a portal, but trying to delete a portal row will give this error.

Adding a single record to your parent table will allow the record to be deleted.
Thomas Andrews   Thomas Andrews, Soliant Consulting
May 14, 2009
This can also occur when trying to set a related-record field when:

(1) The related record does not exist, and
(2) The relationship does not allow creating the related record from the parent table
Brian Dunning   Brian Dunning,
Dec 5, 2005
You'll often get this in a web application (Lasso, etc.) when you try to update or delete a record by specifying an invalid -RecordID or -KeyValue.