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 Reference: MySQL Error 1296

MySQL Error 1296 : SQLSTATE: HY000 (ER_GET_ERRMSG) Got error %d '%s' from %s

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User Contributed Notes

2009-09-29 05:09:25
Aman Gupta

This error in MySQL throws the error string as: Got error 241 'Invalid schema object version' from ndbcluster. So we should be aware while doing error handling.

Rerunning the query is the solution to this error.

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2009-10-05 21:47:46

Actually this error throws the error string in the mysql in the format " Got error %d '%s' from %s".
Here %d can specifies the error code number that Mysql recieves from the engine(ndbcluster/innodb),first %s signifies the error messges string related to aforementioned code number and the second %d tells which database engine is sending the error to Mysql .Error 1296 signifies the error code number which is sent by Mysql.

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