Brian Dunning's Error Code Reference

FileMaker Error 973

The database is invalid.



Kyle Gielow   Kyle Gielow, Mitinet, Inc.
Nov 11, 2005
If you are using the Web Companion, check to make sure it is enabled on the database file in question. If the file is hosted with FileMaker Server, be sure to do this when the file is not being hosted (or it won't persist).

This seems rather obvious, but it can cause this error.
Roger Jacques   Roger Jacques, Soliant Consulting
Oct 26, 2005
This error can also be caused when the web security database is being used, but the file you are accesing is not listed in the WSDB.
Brian Dunning   Brian Dunning,
Oct 26, 2005
Usually a typo in the name of the database you're trying to access. In some old versions you should try taking the .fp5 out or putting it in.