Brian Dunning's Error Code Reference

FileMaker Error 958

Parameter missing (*)



E.J. Sexton   E.J. Sexton
Oct 30, 2007
I've encountered this error when I've forgotten to pass a field name or have passed an empty field name. It shows up in the query string as "&=value" or "&=".

Also occurs if the query is missing the -lay parameter.

Also occurs if your query includes high ANSI characters: ("Name=P%E9terov%E1" which translates to "Name=Péterová")
Brian Dunning   Brian Dunning
Jun 12, 2007
Also when you try to update via PHP or other technology and are missing the -recid, or pass an invalid -recid.
Dave Marony   Dave Marony
Mar 2, 2007
Lasso cannot resolve the -KeyValue with the internal record ID in FileMaker Pro on -Update.