Brian Dunning's Error Code Reference

FileMaker Error 956

Maximum number of database sessions exceeded (*)



Pravin   Pravin, First-InSight Corporation,INDIA.
Feb 13, 2012
I got this error on my machine when i was trying to fetch data through XML Web Publishing. To fix it, I enable the XSLT web publishing in FMS in FMS Admin Console->Configuration->Web Publishing->XSLT Tab->Check Enable XSLT publishing option.This solved my problem.
Gerard Zasuwa   Gerard Zasuwa, Henry Ford Health System
Feb 15, 2010
I am seeing error 956 on a single machine! This only happens on a reboot and if I reboot again the error goes away. What is causing this? It makes me crazy.
E.J. Sexton   E.J. Sexton
Jul 4, 2008
When using a dual machine deployment, this error is a catch-all for connectivity problems between the worker machine and the master machine.

There are two main areas to check:

1) Verify that the necessary ports are open on both machines and the firewall. FMS9 ports and their uses are listed in the FileMaker Knowledge Base (Issue #6427).

2) Each machine must have a domain name, an ip address is not enough. Even a local domain name will suffice. Make sure that the worker machine is able to reference the master machine by its domain name and vice versa.
Thomas Andrews   Thomas Andrews, Soliant Consulting
Jul 19, 2007
I just got this error when I made a request to the CWP when the FileMaker Server was down.
Brian Loomis   Brian Loomis, Virtual Relations
Jan 25, 2006
This is something that you get in Lasso when Lasso can see the FileMaker database names but not the table names.