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 Reference: Windows Error 9851

Windows Error 9851 : DNS_ERROR_NO_TCPIP: TCP/IP network protocol not installed.

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User Contributed Notes

2006-01-19 10:26:59
Jeroen H.

Had my 1st occurrance of this error yesterday:
error code 0x0000267B DNS_ERROR_NO_TCPIP
No idea how to solve it. I lost my network connection after running lavasoft adaware with latest definitions. I can connect to shares and still add the computer to the domain using netdom /add, but it is impossible to JOIN (also using netdom)the computer to the domain. I'm running XP SP2 and have no idea how to solve this, any suggestions??

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2007-12-10 22:03:43

I had an exact experience and I tried netsh winsock reset command. Then I restarted the system twice and problem solved.

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