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GetXMLNode ( XML ; XPath )

Navigate XML tree and return results using XPath type functionality (Nonrecursive)

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  Sample input:
XMLfield is set to:
GetXMLNode ( XMLfield ; "/class[1]/student[1]" ) & "¶" &
GetXMLNode ( XMLfield ; "/class[1]/student[2]" )
  Sample output:

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

Navigate XML tree and return results using XPath type functionality.

Parameter Description
XML - vanilla xml imput without attributes
XPath - basic XPath like syntax consiting of a series of xml nodes formatted as follows:

Requires ExtractData ( XML ; Attribute ; Instance ) by Andy Knasinski of NRG Software which can be found at

Thanks to Andy for the great base function!

This function is not recursive. It simply creates multiple nested instances of ExtractData in a calculation string and then evaluates it to get the data.

XMLfield is set to:




GetXMLNode ( XMLfield ; "/class[1]/teacher[1]/name[1]" ) & "¶" &
GetXMLNode ( XMLfield ; "/class[1]/students[1]/student[2]/age[1]" ) & "¶" &
GetXMLNode ( XMLfield ; "/class[1]/students[1]/student[1]" )

Will produce the following:



Bruce Robertson   Bruce Robertson
Feb 16, 2009
Trailing section of example is incorrect, <class> should be </class>
Michael Wallace   Michael Wallace, Empowered Data Solutions
Feb 26, 2009
Thanks Bruce, correction made.
Bruce Robertson   Bruce Robertson
Nov 1, 2013
No, it has not been corrected, in the Sample Input section here where you state "XMLfield is set to: … "
Simon Plint   Simon Plint, Australia
Oct 26, 2014
"Nonrecursive, this function simply creates multiple nested instances of GetXMLData in a calculation string and then evaluates it to get the data."

Don't you mean ExtractData instead of GetXMLData?
Mike Wallace   Mike Wallace, Dallas Texas
Apr 27, 2015
Fixed the typo in the description. Thanks Simon.

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