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mysql_insert ( host ; user ; pw ; database ; sql ; path )

creates the text of an applescript which creates a php script which runs a SQL command into a MySQL database

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Jim McNeely   Jim McNeely
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  Sample input:
mysql_insert(""; "user"; "pw"; "database"; "insert into blappo (test) values('flying pony"); "~/Documents")
  Sample output:
do shell script ("echo \"#!/usr/bin/php -q\" > ~/Documents/push_to_mysql.php; echo \"> ~/Documents/push_to_mysql.php; echo \"\\$link = mysql_connect(\\\"\\\",\\\"user\\\",\\\"pw\\\") or die(\\\"I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that. Could not connect: \\\".mysql_error());\" >> ~/Documents/push_to_mysql.php; echo \"mysql_select_db(\\\"database\\\") or die(\\\"I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that. Could not select database as database\\\");\" >> ~/Documents/push_to_mysql.php; echo \"\\$query = \\\"insert into blappo (test) values('flying pony')\\\";\" >> ~/Documents/push_to_mysql.php; echo \"\\$result = mysql_query(\\$query) or die(\\\"I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that. Query failed: \\\" . mysql_error());\" >> ~/Documents/push_to_mysql.php; echo \"echo \\\"Success\\\";\" >> ~/Documents/push_to_mysql.php; echo \"?>\" >> ~/Documents/push_to_mysql.php; chmod 777 ~/Documents/push_to_mysql.php; echo `php ~/Documents/push_to_mysql.php`; rm ~/Documents/push_to_mysql.php")

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Obviously, this only works on OS X. PHP is installed by default on Mac OS 10.4 and 10.5, even though it is not enabled by default for Apache. A script that uses this will thus run with no further additions to the machine.

So, you set a field or variable to the results of this

host: the ip address of the MySQL database
user: login user
pw: login pw
database: the database (not table) that you want to connect to
sql: the sql statement you wat to run
path: the path of the php file that will be created.

I use this because I have found ESS to be crappy and until they fix things this really works well.



ilgio   ilgio, milan
Nov 7, 2017
good solution
but I insert in value a quoted phrase.
values('title of book is "matrix"')

it's not work

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