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UUID ( Type )

Generate a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID)

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Tom Robinson   Tom Robinson - Show more from this author

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  Sample input:
UUID ("4h")
  Sample output:

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

This custom function generates a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) in the form xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx (or the same sans hyphens). e.g. f47ac10b-58cc-4372-a567-0e02b2c3d479.

The advantages of using a UUID over a serial number is there’s no need to worry about the next value of a serial number or a serial number collision, forinstance when importing records. The downside is they’re rarely appropriate to expose to a user.

UUID example: Dick and Harry both create records in their own copies of a database. Each record needs a unique serial number so they can be combined at a later date. After a total of 68,719,476,736 (2^36) records are created the probability of a collision is 0.0000000000000004 (4 × 10^−16)



David Owen   David Owen, Bloomfield, CT, USA
May 25, 2009
This looks very valuable.

I am wondering about how to parse out the data later if needed. I'd need some help with the calculation. Any CF for that?
The Author   The Author, Aotearoa New Zealand
Aug 6, 2009
But how do you want to parse the output? The custom function returns a simple text string which is a standard UUID (either with or without the hyphens).
Alexis Gehrt   Alexis Gehrt, Laax / Switzerland
Nov 30, 2009
Just one little note:
The DecToHex custom function by Jeremiah Small <> is now named: NumToHex
Just a simple find/replace.. ;-)
Andreas Thyholdt   Andreas Thyholdt, dbConsult AS
May 11, 2010
I always get either 0000 or ffff as the last characters when using type 4.

Changing the 48-bit number by adding a few numbers on the end does produce random numbers in the last 4 characters, but I am unsure of the consequences, if there are any.
Any advice on this?
The Author   The Author, Aotearoa New Zealand
May 11, 2010
Thanks Andreas, fixed now. Looks like 10.0v3 fixed the duplication of random numbers but dropped the precision available.
Jens Rasmussen   Jens Rasmussen, Danmark
Oct 26, 2011
This entry fails to clearly mention dependence on NumToHex.
Claus Lavendt   Claus Lavendt, Denmark
Feb 23, 2012
Create a simple DB with only one field.
Set AutoEnter UUID ( "1h" ) and create a loop script like this:

ExitLoop If ( Get ( TotalRecordCount ) > 15000 )
New Record
End Loop

Search for duplicates and in my tests I found around 748 records, that were not unique.

This makes version 1 useless....

Tried the same approach with version 4 and even increased to 250.000 records.
No duplicates....

So either there is a bug in the calc or FM has a too low tome resolution for this.
The Author   The Author, Aotearoa New Zealand
Feb 24, 2012
Jens: the comments in the code header under ‘Requires’ clearly state the NumToHex dependence.

Claus: the comments in the header under ‘Caveats’ clearly state version 1 can return duplicates if called multiple times a second—this is the only situation where it is ‘useless’.
Bachmann Support GmbH   Bachmann Support GmbH, Zurich
Mar 2, 2012
We had the same issue that Claus Lavendt had. With V1 it creates duplicates, not unique UUIDs.
V4 works.

So dont use V1!
Claus Lavendt   Claus Lavendt, Denmark
Mar 14, 2012
Version 1 would be great if it wasn't for the fact that Filemaker's time resolution only operates in seconds.
In e.g. Java, the time resolution operates in miliseconds, which makes version 1 to a great approach, as you also will be able to know which device created the record.
So stick to version 4, when using this in Filemaker.
Just as a note, one of my colleagues created a test, where he created nearly 4 million records. ALL had unique ID numbers !
This was with version 4.
Claus Lavendt   Claus Lavendt, Denmark
Mar 14, 2012
but, anyway, thank you Tom for creating this very useful CF and for sharing it with us !
The Author   The Author, New Zealand
Mar 2, 2015
Note in FileMaker 12 and later there is now a builtin function get(uuid).

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