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FilterC ( text ; AZaz09etc )

not quite a regex filter, but easier than

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Thomas Seidler   Thomas Seidler
The Good Book Company

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  Sample input:
FilterC ( "I w@nt som3_F00D" , "azF09_" )
  Sample output:

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// FilterC(text; AZaz09etc) - parameters: text - text to be fitlered; AZaz09etc - filter text
// works by expanding AZ, az, 09 where found

I wanted a rapid and regular A-Z, a-z, 0-9 text filter, so I thought for a while, and eventually realised it was simple. So simple it probably doesn't merit being here.

If anyone comes up with a nice elegant solution to the c-y, 3-5 true regex range style that isn't FileMaker native, publish it! ;)



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