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WndwNmr ( layout )

A UTILITY CF for naming a window when you want to base it on the layout name. Sometimes I'll name layouts by an abbreviation in the status list and sometimes I'll spell it all out. When I want to rename a new screen per the layout name this CF converts the "status list" version or just uses the spelled out name.

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Kevin Keister   Kevin Keister
Computer DNA

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  Sample input:
Co Cont Screen
Co Add Screen
Main Menu
  Sample output:
Company Contacts
Company Addresses
Main Menu

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

You'd use this whenever you want to navigate and rename a window. Really just a simple short cut. This can be incorporated into window management to automatically rename windows. I feel that if you are going to step into this feature (naming windows) you probably want to guard against having a name that doesn't fit the data displayed. Later if you organize by 'cascade windows' or just want users to be able to identify multiple ones by window name, this helps.

Of course insert your abbreviated names for "Co Cont Screen" and/or "Co Add Screen"



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