Brian Dunning's FileMaker Custom Functions

Exclude ( TextToFilter ; FilterText )

Exclude the characters to be filtered

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Agnes Barouh   Agnes Barouh
Tic Tac

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  Sample input:
Exclude ( "Exclude character strings" ; "aeiouy" )

Exclude ( "test Quotes, \“left and right\” quotes" ; "\”" )
  Sample output:
Excld chrctr strngs

test Quotes, “left and right quotes

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

* june, 28, 2010 . chonge just order parameter
$Exc_Text = TextToFilter ; $Exc_No = FilterText ;
instead of
$Exc_No = FilterText ; $Exc_Text = TextToFilter ;
for FileMaker give correctly parameter TextToFilter and FilterText and not vice versa when you copy paste the code.
* October, 1. : calculation modified for smart quotes, return the same processing of filter() substitute(), position() : left quotes or right quotes.

it is not a recursive function

limited version : FilterText ≤ 404 characters
/* "Unlimited" version with CustomList()*/

/* For Exclude value, used FilterList()*/

Respect case sensitive and accents [like Filter()]
Respect smart quotes "”“ and apostrophizes '‘’ [like Filter()]

Exclude ( "zTha01nXks yap 35loxtY !!!?" ; "0134589ypXxKYZz?" )




Casey Dutkus   Casey Dutkus
Apr 27, 2009
Great! Why filemaker doesn't have a reverse Filter like this is beyond me.
Edward Souza   Edward Souza, São Paulo, SP, Brazil
Nov 4, 2009
Incredible CF -- as all other CFs designed by Mlle. Barouh are. Thank you for sharing.
Eric Ruff   Eric Ruff, Gainesville
Jun 27, 2010
I am trying to filter out multiple paragraph marks ¶
from long strings of text. Exclude() doesn't filter them out as far as I can tell. Any way to strip those as well?
Agnès   Agnès, Paris
Jun 27, 2010

I'm not sure to understand correctly the problem...

Esclude ( MyText ; "(¶. )" ) removes all ( ¶ . space and ) from MyText. not for you ?

but if it's only for remove all ¶, Substitute ( MyText ; "¶" ; "" ) it's better.

Thanks a lot for comments !
Karen   Karen, nyc
Oct 4, 2011
Using this to create valid file names for PDFs; e.g. TextToFilter being "/?%*:|<>.\\\""
Now to look for a way to filter out words and phrases....

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