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ResourceHours ( JobStartTimestamp ; JobEndTimestamp ; WorkStartTime ; WorkEndTime ; HolidayList )

Works out resource hours for resource planning (Mo - Fr). It also takes a Holiday list.

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  Sample input:
ResourceHours(13.8.08 9:00;20.8.08 15:00;7:00;17:00;"14.8.08¶15.8.08")
  Sample output:

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

This function can be used for resource calculating. It calculates hours between two Timestamps and does a lot more. It will take your Work hours and only count the hours between those. Also your holidays can be excluded by a list of holidays. The list need to be Proper Dates e.g. "01.08.2008" and not "1.8.08". There is a CF for that.
Weekend are excluded also, this can be modified quite easily.
It outputs a Dezimal number, this also can be changed by a simple modification to the custom function.
Error checking is also implemented. So if an End Date is before a Start Date, this will be ignored.



Vince   Vince, New England
Sep 10, 2013
This fella doesn't seem to work, it always returns a "0", even the example. Perhaps it needs to be rewritten for the newer version of FileMaker.

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