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 FileMaker Pro Custom Functions

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ErrorCode( ErrorNum )

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Roger Biel, 2Geckos Consulting, LLC

Updated Filemaker Error codes to english

Sample Input:
ErrorCode( 101)
Sample Output:
Error 101: Record is missing

 Then copy & paste into FileMaker Advanced's Edit Custom Function window.


Credits to many sources, this inludes Errorcodes 1-1413

Thanks to Timothy Hall, Fort Bragg, Ca
for 1450-1507

Note: these functions are not guaranteed or supported by Please contact the individual developer with any questions or problems.

This is my Custom Function and I want to edit it


No comments, GREAT function.
One question, please:
How to get the value of ErrorNum when Error Capture is ON and Get(LastError) = 1?

Thanks in advance. or

Sergey Piskarev, New York City, USA
August 25, 2010 1:37pm

I added seven more codes to the end of the list - not sure this is the complete list though..

Don't forget to add a semicolon after 1413, or it won't work.

ErrorNum = 1450 ; "Action requires PHP privilege extension (*)" ;
ErrorNum = 1451 ; "Action requires that current file be remote" ;
ErrorNum = 1501 ; "SMTP authentication failed" ;
ErrorNum = 1502 ; "Connection refused by SMTP server" ;
ErrorNum = 1503 ; "Error with SSL" ;
ErrorNum = 1504 ; "SMTP server requires the connection to be encrypted" ;
ErrorNum = 1505 ; "Specified authentication is not supported by SMTP server" ;
ErrorNum = 1506 ; "Email(s) could not be sent successfully" ;
ErrorNum = 1507 ; "Unable to log in to the SMTP server" ;

Timothy Hall, Fort Bragg, Ca
January 31, 2011 11:25am

I've updated the list for Filemaker 12:

Part One:

ErrorNum = 1550; "The file isn't a plugin, or can't load for some reason";
ErrorNum = 1551; "Can't delete existing plugin, can't write to the folder, can't put on disk for some reason";
ErrorNum = 1626; "The protocol is not supported";
ErrorNum = 1627; "The authentication Failed.";
ErrorNum = 1628; "There was an error with SSL.";
ErrorNum = 1629; "The connection timed out";
ErrorNum = 1630; "The url format is incorrect";
ErrorNum = 1631; "The connection failed";
ErrorNum = 2021; "plug-ins configuration disallowed";
ErrorNum = 2046; "This command or action cannot be performed because that functionality is no longer supported";
ErrorNum = 2047; "Bento 2 (or later) is not presented on the system";
ErrorNum = 2048; "The selected work book is not excel 2007/2008 format";
ErrorNum = 2056; "This script step cannot be performed because this window is in a modal state.";
ErrorNum = 3000; "Action never occurred because script was triggered";
ErrorNum = 3001; "Set when a step returns but is not really finished (probably due to having to switch threads and keep engine thread running)";
ErrorNum = 3002; "The external file can not be deleted from disk. Do you want to delete the reference to the file anyway?";
ErrorNum = 3003; "Can not write file to the external storage.";
ErrorNum = 3004; "Directory Cant Edit";
ErrorNum = 3005; "Directory Cant Delete";

Peter Neal, London
November 25, 2013 5:31pm

Part Two:

ErrorNum = 3219; "Convert Global To Remote Warning";
ErrorNum = 3220; "Directory Not Accessible Warning";
ErrorNum = 3316; "Warning before clearing out existing find requests";
ErrorNum = 3317; "Warning before attempting to restore files from hibernation";
ErrorNum = 3956; "The total size of all base directory paths cannot exceed ^1 bytes.";
ErrorNum = 3957; "At least one filter must remain.";
ErrorNum = 4103; "File path is invalid or cannot be resolved during file transfer";
ErrorNum = 4104; "File i/o issue during file transfer";
ErrorNum = 4106; "The target base directory \1770 is not valid.";
ErrorNum = 4107; "The target base directory \1770 could not be created.";
ErrorNum = 4603; "Spell Export Complete";
ErrorNum = 7100; "Data Deferred";
ErrorNum = 8404; "An installed OnTimer script could not be found or could not be run with current access privileges";
ErrorNum = 8213; "Too many temporary objects created, can't create any more.";
ErrorNum = 8310; "There is an error in the syntax of the query.";
ErrorNum = 8498; "Stale Import Order To Be Updated";
ErrorNum = 8499; "Import Match May Be Invalid";
ErrorNum = 20413; "Too Many Files";
ErrorNum = 20605; "No network connection is available"

Peter Neal, London
November 25, 2013 5:32pm

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