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Script Format_FMPath_to_AppleScripPath

An FM Script for parsing and formatting FM absolute file path to Applescript absolute file path

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Edward Souza   Edward Souza
Duana A.S. Designs

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  Sample input:
_FM_Path (
Computer_Name:Users:Main_User:Music:iTunes:iTunes Music:Brad Mehldau:The Art of the Trio:01 Blame It On My Youth.mp3 )
  Sample output:
AppleScript_Path( 01 Blame It On My Youth.mp3" of folder "Brad Mehldau" of folder "iTunes Music" of folder "iTunes" of folder "Music" of folder "Main_User" of folder "Users" of folder "Computer_Name" of startup disk )

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

I needed to parse and reformat a FileMaker-formatted absolute file path into an AppleScript one. Since I'm novice to FileMaker, the only way I found to accomplish that was via a FM Script, although I tried to (and believe it is possible to) use a Custom Function to do the task. It took me about 9 minutes to script it in FileMaker 9.0v3. If you have any ideas or improvements, feel free to use them.



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