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CF_HTMLtoFMP_styledText ( text ; num )

Converts data between predefined HTML tags into FMP bold / italic etc. As well as standard HTML tags, you can also define your own custom tags.

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Chaim Bacon   Chaim Bacon
Click Connection Corporation

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  Sample input:
Bold text
Italic text
put this in caps

This text will show in 24pt

  Sample output:
Bold text
Italic text
This text will show in 24pt

(It is unlikely the sample output text will display formatted on this website. However it does in FMP)

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

See description in custom function above.

NOTE: The other custom function 'CF_HTMLtoFMP_styledText_sub' is required for this one to work.

You can download a fully working sample file of this function at:



Daniel H.   Daniel H., Pasadena, CA
Sep 20, 2015
Does not seem to work, just returns a ? for me when used in 14.
Chaim   Chaim, Bacon
Sep 21, 2015
Hi Daniel, did you also install the other custom function. There is a note on the page, just above your comment, that says, "NOTE: The other custom function 'CF_HTMLtoFMP_styledText_sub' is required for this one to work." I have tested it in FMP 14 - with the subordinate function - and it works fine. Please download the sample file (there is a link above).

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