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GetRowsObjectList ( ObjectList ; N ; delim1 ; delim2 )

Retrieve data from named fields in a portal or record list.

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Bruce Robertson   Bruce Robertson

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  Sample input:
Let( ObjectList = getLayoutObjectAttribute( "YourPortalName"; "containedObjects");
GetRowsObjectList( ObjectList; 20; cfTab; "ΒΆ")
  Sample output:
3 XL123 Shirt 5.00 15.00
6 M01 Shirt 4.00 24.00
3 DP3 Dinner Plate 3.50 10.50

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

Last update 5/8/2009
Fixed problem where function aborted if it encountered empty values. List length is now preserved, so if for example you enter 10 for N, you will get 10 values even if some are empty.

Retrieve data from named layout fields across multiple rows (records or portal rows). Requires CF "GetNthRowObjectList".

ObjectList is the list of named objects (named fields) in FileMaker list format.
N is the number of rows to process.

Delim1 is the delimiter for the data row, delim2 is the record delimiter. Normally you would use a tab character for delim1 and return character for delim2.

Used for such purposes as building a text version of an invoice item list.



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