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YearsInteger ( date1 ; date2 )

Returns an integer year count between two dates, such as a person's age.

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Kieren MacMillan   Kieren MacMillan

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  Sample input:
YearsAsInt( birthdate ; Get ( CurrentDate ) )
  Sample output:

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This calculation returns an integer year count between the two supplied dates -- perfect for calculating someone's age. It correctly handles all cases and is unaffected by (and unconcerned with!) leap year and other calendar variations/anomolies. This is accomplished by converting each date to a "floating point number" and then simply taking the integer portion of the difference.



Ian Moree   Ian Moree, Nassau Bahamaas
Mar 28, 2012
Looking @ this & noticed you accounted for leap year using a different approach but same answer.

Great Job!

QUick and neat..


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