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ParseFullNameToList ( FullName, TitleList, SuffixList )

Produces List from Full Name

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John Shanks   John Shanks
Sunset Knoll Consulting

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  Sample input:
ParseFullNameToList ("Dr. Evin Wilson III", TitleList, SuffixList)
  Sample output:


  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

This function accepts a person's full name, including title, first, middle and last names, and suffix and produces a list with:

Value 1 = title
Value 2 = first name
Value 3 = middle name
value 4 = last name
value 5 = suffix

Title, middle name and suffix are optional. If, for example, the middle name is not given, Value 3 will just be a RETURN character in the list (as seen in the example data case).

The TitleList is a list of words likely to be used as title (Mr., Miss, etc.) Similarly, the SuffixList is a list of likely suffixes (II, Jr, Sr, etc.)

The function now accepts a full name that has has last name first, followed by a comma, and then first name.
This function borrows heavily from the GetFirstName, GetLastName functions by Steve Bush



Denise   Denise, Boston
May 16, 2013
This works great. Thanks!

How would I edit it to allow for hyphenated suffixes? I deal with medical suffixes such as PA-C (certified physician's assistant). Adding them to the suffix list doesn't do it.

And how do I account for multiple suffixes such as "MD, MPH"? Or for that matter, multiple commas?

The worst is multiple suffixes with multiple hyphens!
Eric   Eric, SJSU
Oct 31, 2014
This seems to work well for my data except for the situation where there is only a first name, it comes up with that one name for both the first and last name. I made a quick tweak to look at the number of words and if there is only one to assume it is the first name.

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