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FormatTelNL ( TelNr ; Divider )

Format telephone nrs from the perspective of dutch users

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Henk Brendel   Henk Brendel
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  Sample input:
FormatTelNr ( "+3311234567890" ; "-" )
  Sample output:

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

This function formats telephone numbers from the perspective of dutch users.
Any entered character that is no digit (0-9) will be stripped, except for the string "+", which will be replaced by "00" (the international entry in the Netherlands).
The telephone number will be returned as: 'Part1'-'Divider'-'Part2'.
Telephone numbers not starting with "0" or "+" will not be formatted.
Part1 will be one of 3: the dutch 'kengetal' (3 or 4 digits) or the international telephone number preceded with "00" or an empty string (in case no "0" or "+" is provided as the first digit)
Part2 will be whatever is left after Part1, without any spaces or dividers.
International numbers will have to be entered with "00" or "+" at the beginning, if not they will not be recognized as such.

"+3311234567890" will return "0033 11234567890" (when 'Divider' is a space) or "0033-11234567890" (when 'Divider' is "-").
"0123456789" will return "0123 456789".
"0123456789" will return "0123Data456789" (when 'Divider' is "Data").
"0203456789 (123)" will return "020 3456789123".
"12 34 567" will return "1234567".
"abc987 j875--" will return "987875".
"abcdef--" will return an empty string.
"abcd+ef--" will return "00 " (because of the +sign)



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