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text.between ( _text ; _searchString1 ; _occurrence1 ; _include1.b ; _searchString2 ; _occurrence2 ; _include2.b )

extracts text between two search strings

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Fabrice Nordmann   Fabrice Nordmann

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  Sample input:
Between ("/abc/def/ghi/" ; "/" ; 2 ; 1 ; "/" ; -2 ; 0 )
  Sample output:

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

extracts the middle of a text in between delimiters, based on a search strings and an occurrence numbers
occurrences can be positive (starting from the beginning of the text) or negative (starting from the end)

see also text.before, text.after, and text.betweenNext functions



Robert   Robert, East Hampton
Mar 30, 2015
Not the title at top of page does not include all the parameters

use Between ( text ; searchString1 ; occurrence1 ; include1_1 ; searchString2 ; occurrence2 ; include2_1)

just a Heads Up

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