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text.after ( _text ; _searchString ; _occurrence ; _include.b )

extracts text after search string

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Fabrice Nordmann   Fabrice Nordmann

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  Sample input:
After ("" ; "@" ; 1 ; 0)
After ("aa:bb:cc" ; ":" ; -1 ; 1 )
After ("¶a¶b" ; ¶ ; 1 ; 0)
  Sample output:



  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

extracts the end of a text, based on a search string and an occurrence number
occurrence can be positive (starting from the beginning of the text) or negative (starting from the end)

e.g. text.after ( "1234512345" ; "2" ; -1 ; 0 ) = "345"

see also text.before, text.between, and text.betweenNext functions



David Owen   David Owen, Bloomfield, CT, USA
Jul 2, 2009
Examples need to add the include_1 parameter, which I learned to use a zero for after looking at the After custom function
Jaap Lips   Jaap Lips, Oud-Beijerland
Aug 17, 2017
Hi Fabrice,

I use your function. But what happens if the searchstring does not exist in the text?
Fabrice Nordmann   Fabrice Nordmann, 1-more-thing
Sep 2, 2017
Hi Jaap,
you're correct. I updated it here so it returns empty.

Jaap Lips   Jaap Lips, Oud-Beijerland
Sep 5, 2017
Hi Fabrice,

It works great now!
Thank you!

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