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cfGetData ( field )

Returns the contents of a list of fields, recursive function.

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Michele Olson   Michele Olson
AppleSauce Productions, Inc.

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  Sample input:
cfGetData ( "Date" "Test" "Score" )
  Sample output:
2/10/2006 ABC 92

  Function definition: (Copy & paste into FileMaker's Edit Custom Function window)

This is a recursive function designed to return the data from a paragraph delimited list of fields, thus reduce the need to 'hard code' report layouts.

The need for the function arose from a requirement to have an extremely flexible report layout. The calculation field, using the function, was placed on the layout extending the full width of the report. Tab delimiting controls display of the data within the field.

The 'field' parameter of the function is most often a global that is set by a script which identifies the field names required for a report. cfGetData then displays the data from each field named in the global in tab delimited order.

The cfGetData function uses cfTab -- which is a custom function producing the tab character. (I have uploaded this function as well and given attribution to the source where I first learned about it: Love, Lane & Bowers " FileMaker 8 Functions & Scripts Desk Reference".)

Depending upon the field type of both the global parameter field and the calculation using the function, various types of data can be displayed. The sample shows a mix of date, text, and number; the calculation field type is text.

This function is also useful for displaying summary data when you don't want to 'hard code' the summary field names by placing them on the layout.



Edward Souza   Edward Souza, Victoria, BC, CA
Sep 15, 2010
Hello, Michele,

I hope everything is well with you.

This is a simple yet elegant Custom Function. Thank you for sharing.
Huss   Huss, Melbourne
Nov 19, 2010
Brian, I love your site I use it all the time. But three is just one thing that annoys me. Why isn't there a back button on your pages. Am I missing something?

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