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UrlDecode ( text )

Decodes URL encoded text

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Jeremiah Small   Jeremiah Small
Soliant Consulting, Inc.

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  Sample input:
URLDecode ( "" )
  Sample output:" & UrlEncode ( "¶ \"!#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?@[\\]^`{|}" )

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Decodes URL encoded text



Rakesh   Rakesh, Amsterdam
Sep 13, 2012
Thanks for the great function, there should be a FM standard URLdecode function, but until then, this is great.

Here is the full list I'm using in multiple parts since there 's a 1500 character reply limit.

["%20";" "];
["%A0";" "];
Rakesh   Rakesh, Amsterdam
Sep 13, 2012
Part II

Rakesh   Rakesh, Amsterdam
Sep 13, 2012
looks like you need to replace '&qu ot' with ' " '.

Don't think anyone needs these, but just incase.



Rakesh   Rakesh, Amsterdam
Sep 13, 2012
Code seems to get messed up a bit, so fix where needed like ["%41";"A"];
Philip   Philip, Dallas
Aug 30, 2016
For best results, move the [ "%25" ; "%" ] to the bottom of the list. Otherwise, if there are any embedded %'s they may be re-interpreted as an additional escape sequence.

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